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Manny Machado, a Dominican-American baseball player is currently third baseman for San Diego Padres (2019- Present) and has played for LA Dodgers and Baltimore Ravens. Indeed, Machado is one of the first-pick choice of many MLB teams as the 27-year-old already got the titles of All-Star (4 times) and 2 Golden Glove Award winner.

Besides being a prominent baseballer, Manny is also a lovable husband; he enjoys a blissful relationship with his fiance-turned-wife of 5 years, Yainee Alonso. Moreover, the former LA Dodgers player is the brother-in-law of Cuban baseballer Yonder Alonso.

Scroll down for detail on Manny’s married life, relationship, wife, children, and affairs.

Machado Is Younger Than His Wife

While some celebrities try on their best to keep their relationship status low-profile, Manny Machado cuts all through these secretive things. The Dominican-American sports personality never misses a chance to manifest his happy married life and his wife Yainee.

Let’s start it from the time when the couple made up their relationship public via engagement. Back in February 2013, Manny and Yainee got engaged after years of their dating, the Baltimore Sun revealed.

A little spicy fact is that Manny’s then-fiance (now wife) Yainee is nearly 3 years his senior. At at the time of engagement, the right-handed baseballer was 20 while Yainee was 23 .

Really, age never been a barrier to love!

When Did Manny & Yainee Marry?

As per USA Today, the fiancees initially announced their possible wedding date and venue to be Paris on December 6, 2014.

However, before the tentative month of their marriage, Manny and Yainee married in November 2014. Though the detail of their wedding theme and guest appearance is still a mystery.

Over these years, Machado and his spouse Yainee are exemplary young celebrity couples with their overwhelming love. Till now, no rumors of divorce ever dared to challenge their relationship.

Regrading raising eyebrows on their past affairs, the couple trims them all without an official record of their past-flame.

So, did Manny and Yainee turned in their first love to marriage? The answer awaits for the future to reveal.

When & How Manny Machado & Yainee Alonso Began Dating?

Undoubtedly, it’s a dream of many fans to have the same love story, dating, and relationship as of their idols.

As Machado and Alonso have proved themselves as one of the most adorable strong celebrity couples, fans are curious to know the base of their strong love.

Well, in the case of Machado and Alonso, it seems the baseball hit-on the start button of their relationship. Though, the couple themselves are to reveal their courtship officially.

For a fact, Machado’s wife Yainee is the sister of MLB‘s Chicago White Sox first baseman Yonder Alonso who plays alongside 

Furthermore, some sources claim that the duo met at a young age due to their family’s mutual affection for baseball and started dating soon after.

Do Manny Machado and Alonso Have Children? Know Their Plans For Children

Despite being married for over 4 years, Manny Machado and his wife Yainee are yet to share the children of their own. As far as of mid 2020, the news of the couple have not revealed their plans for children.

Furthermore, they are also free from the records of past affairs, so the assumption of their kids from failed relationship gets a dead shot.

Rather, the duo owns 2 dogs, a Husky and a Yorkshire Terrier which Machado defines his family members. It’s not a surprise that the couple treats them as their children, you know that dog-person thing!

We wish them best and also expect to hear the new baby arrival news of the couple soon.


Is Manny Machado married?

Yes, Manny Machado is a married man.

Who is Manny Machado married to?

Manny Machado is married to his fiance-turned-wife Yainee Alonso.

When did Manny Machado get married?

Manny Machado married in November 2014 in a secret wedding ceremony.

How old is Machado?

As of mid 2020, Machado is 27-year-old.

How tall is Manny Machado?

Manny Machado is 6ft 2 inches tall.

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